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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kindy Issues!

Setelah sekian lama x melayari blog ini yg ntah hape2…hari ni tetiba rasa nak buat entry. Nak kata topik panas x la jugak tp bg sesetengah org mungkin agar panas la kot. This is my personal opinion, sesapa nak kondem silakan, it won't hurt me insyaAllah. Tiba2 hari ni saja2 surf pasal my children's kindy. As parents of course we're looking for the best place. Bukan kami je ibubapa lain pun. But, what we think is the best might not be the best for other parents. It depends on our personal point of view. Having children going to preschool overseas and locally has made us thinking the best for the kids. Not only in academics but also for the holistic development. Most of the parents have a very high expectation on the children, to be the best among all children. We do have the same dream BUT….one thing that we realize, we shouldn't sacrifice their childhood for the sake of being the so called "BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD". Having a great kid in academics but 'sick' inside would be a nightmare to any parents. We do not want to feel sorry by straining the kids to be the most genius child. So, we decided (I  actually decided but my husband agreed) to send them to the place that nurture their ability by themselves guided by the teachers. I believe in pedagogy concept since I know my children's ability. Yes, they still have to learn how to read, how to write, how to count but I don't expect them to be the best among their peer. It's good enough if they can think out of the box and learn how to survive. I still expect them to be genius but not the most genius. I don't want them to loose the happiness being children. 
     Having read some of the parents complaining that their children didn't learn much at preschool, I feel sorry for them. Preschool is the place where they learn how to socialize, not to be the best student. Preschool is just the starting point for them. They don't need those kind of pressure in the early age. Being educated parents are very stressful for us. Everyone expect the best from the kids. I believe it would be more stressful to my husband since he was a genius student in school. People expect the kids would be as genius as him. They are! (I'm not saying this because they're my children, it's because they can even think better than me sometimes). 
      Whatever it is, I believe that children's early education starts at home, not at school. I never expect the teachers to teach my kids everything including manners. It should be started at home. Mom and dad are the most responsible people in nurturing the kids to be good and excellent. For some parents, when the kids go to school, they only expect the kids to bring all A's in the report card without having any intention to ask the kids how do they feel everyday. That's what I'm doing now, asking them everyday if they are happy with their life today, if they're not I will ask 'WHY?'. It's not always late to start something good. Let's do it together from now on rather then asking what did you learn today. The kids nowadays are living in a very challenging era. They need us more than their teachers. The teachers are only helping our kids, they're not bringing up the kids. And stop blaming the school and teachers if your kids are not behaving well or not learning well. If they do, it's our mistake. Not others. May we have a strength to bring up a good Muslim and Muslimah, insyaAllah!